The Church is a Field Hospital for Sinners.

Maundy thursday
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St Marys Stanwell

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serving Ashford and Stanwell

The Churches of St Mary's and St Matthew's

are now open for public worship and pastoral offices,

this provision will be in line with government guidelines

response to COVID-19 prevention measures of the 3rd of July 2020

For public safety, the Churches have limited opening and services. The Parish Clergy are continuing to offer the Daily Offices and the Mass on behalf of all who those who live within our parishes, these can be joined via the Online Services page.

The Churches are acting in accordance with Government and Church of England advice since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Following guidance from the Church of England on the restriction of services and access to Church buildings, and updated Government information, the Churches will offer public  worship on a Sunday and pastoral offices in the week.

We will continue to seek opportunities to deliver our mission in a different way, including through digital media and continue to serve our community through online content. 

Our Churches have been a sign of hope, for those who live within their boundaries, for many centuries. We are determined this will continue. As a community, we will keep praying for the needs of others, the local area and the world. The Christian faith is that, no matter what happens, we can trust in the love of God for us and share that love with one another.



to the Parishes of

St Mary the Virgin, Stanwell

and St Matthew, Ashford.  

We stand within the Catholic tradition of the Church of England, seeking to respond faithfully to the Gospel message in our own age. We seek to be an inclusive and welcoming Christian community, imposing no conditions on those who come through our doors other than a willingness to be open to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

We are under the episcopal care of Bishop Jonathan Baker SSC, Bishop of Fulham. 


St Mary’s and St Matthew’s as part of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the body of
Christ, seek to take seriously and act intentionally upon the mission Christ gave to that Church:

“Go, therefore,

and make disciples

of all nations.”
Matthew 28:19

(c) St Mary's and St Matthew's PCC