The Church is a Field Hospital for Sinners.

Worship across the Parish

As from Sunday, 5th of July, our churches are open for Mass on a Sunday.

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As a parish, we take seriously our call to serve all those who live in our parish,

and the pastoral offices will happen in the week. 


Whilst we are excited to reopen for public worship, COVID-19 is still with us. As such, re-opening will bring with it certain risks. We will try to mitigate those risks by safety protocols. Our Parish is a place where people should feel safe, this is very important.  If you would like to attend public worship in our churches, please read through the details below. Thank you for your patience and compliance.


If you are sick, you must remain home and not come to church. If you are in any of the categories set by Government to self-isolate or shield, you should stay home. Also, if you are simply not comfortable being out, you can stay home. All of these are good decisions during this time of COVID-19, and the Church continues to not require anyone to attend Mass on Sundays or Holy Days until August 15th. If you do come to the church to pray and then test positive with COVID-19 within 14 days of attendance, please notify the parish immediately by contacting the parish office by phone or email.

Will it be the same as before lockdown? No.


Due to the rules relating to maintaining social distance, the numbers will be limited; up to 36 for St Matthew’s and up to 26 For St Mary’s.


So how will that work? Places will be available on a ticket basis. When all the spaces have been allocated you will be asked if you want to be placed on the reserve list and will be contacted if a space becomes available. This also puts you in the list for the following week. Please let the office know if you are unable to make the Service so that someone else can be given your seat. So, how do I get a ticket? Simply look on the website or ring the office on a Monday between 12:00 and 15:00.  The new regulations also state that face coverings must be worn.  If you wish to light a candle, please bring your own lighter or matches.

Start time will be the same as before; 09:30 at St Matthew’s and 11:00 at St Mary’s. You will be led up for the receiving Communion and receive more details before the Service starts.  

In Summary

  • Mass starts Sunday 5th July, 09.30 @ SMAM, 11.00 @ SMVS
  • If you are sick, you must remain home and not come to church.
  • If you are in any of the categories set by Government to self-isolate or shield, you should stay home.
  • Face covering must be worn
  • Please bring a lighter/matches if you wish to light a candle


Please avoid any embarrassment and frustration; if you haven’t been allocated a ticket or are not wearing a face-covering then, unfortunately, we will be unable to let you into the church.

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Sunday Mass at St Matthew's.

Note tickets are released  at 12:00 on a Monday and close 12:00 Saturday.

Sunday Mass at St Mary's.

Note tickets are released  at 12:00 on a Monday and close 12:00 Saturday.

Some of the Lay Ministries across the Parish


The objective of the Minister of the Word (lector) is not merely to be an interesting oral reader of the Bible, it is to provide effective proclamation of God’s Word in Scripture. Effective proclamation of the Scriptures depends on the quality of how the lector prepares to minister to the congregation.


The Book of Common Prayer reminds each of us that “at all celebrations of the Liturgy, it is fitting that the principal celebrant, whether bishop or priest, be assisted by other priests, and by deacons and laypersons”. For our Servers, this includes the said and sung Masses of Sunday worship, and the daily Masses. In addition, many are called to serve for requiems and other special liturgies.

The beauty we create in our churches as part of the liturgy lifts us to God; the music we hear fills us with exultation and opens our hearts to experience God’s presence. In making worship beautiful, we are offering God our very best, standing on tiptoe and stretching as high as we possibly can to reach to Our Lord and Maker.

The Server is open to all baptized Christians, regular in attendance, who are deemed to serve at the Altar of God.

For more information or to volunteer your time, contact the Parish Priest.

Lay Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist & Pastoral Visitors

Lay Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (LEOMs) administer Holy Communion during weekly Masses. Pastoral Visitors (PVs) make visits to those who are homebound or hospitalised with illnesses. Parish training and Diocesan Licensing is required for LEOMs; Diocesan training and licensing is required for PVs.


Make others welcome when they arrive at Church and distribute bulletins, seating worshippers and presenting newcomers with a welcome packet at the door and generally there to make people feel welcome afterwards at coffee.

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