The Church is a Field Hospital for Sinners.

The Sacrament of Baptism

We are always happy to welcome new Church members, whether children or adults, with the sacrament of baptism.  We normally baptise at the main Parish Mass on the third Sunday of a month (09:30 at St Matthew's and 11:00 at St Mary's). We ask you to do two things; Firstly Please check that you live in our parish.  You should make your request for baptism to the parish in which you live.  You can check which parish you live in by putting your postcode into this web site. (  Secondly, We ask you to come along to the Parish Mass on Sunday. 

Our baptism policy (please read carefully):-

St Mary's and St Matthew’s warmly welcomes children and adults for the sacrament of baptism, which makes a person a member of Christ’s Church.  We ask those seeking baptism to come to church for at least two Sundays before requesting a baptism.  A baptism properly takes place at the Sunday Mass because it is the whole church that welcomes each new member, child or adult.  In the case of a child, we expect parents to continue to bring children to church after baptism so they attend Sunday School and grow up in the Christian faith.

Baptism Liturgy

You might like to read the actual words of the baptism service before requesting a baptism.

If you would like more information on Baptism please fill in the enquiry form, or contact the Parish Office during normal opening hours.


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